An autumn afternoon in Seattle (a poem)

Spacing out at the library after working on a copy-editing job… According to my computer screen I have Very Finnish Problems or maybe it’s just SAD (not sure if it’s the disorder or the campaign-tweet interjection) If the former is true I have 25% Finnish problems the rest is that part of the year where [...]

The smoking area in front of the Greenwood Fred Meyer, Friday morning, at 11:15 a.m. (a poem)

I stopped at Fred Meyer this morning on my way home from my annual physical. When I saw a bunch of people in black shirts out front, between the sidewalk and the parking garage, I figured it must be the smoking area. I was right. It reminded me of a steam bath but without the [...]

Poets Against Hate and the whirlwind weekend

Poets Against Hate took place last Saturday. In all, 52 poems were read by 50 poets over the course of the afternoon, with the occasional musical interlude. As you would expect from such a large group, the subject at hand was addressed from a variety of angles, from the personal to the political. One poem [...]

The adventure continues…

A bit of miscellany for this somewhat stormy Friday the 13th… First item of business Congratulations to the three winners of the Goodreads giveaway for Refusal to Remain Invisible: Melissa B from Massachusetts, Steven B from Ohio, and Jamie M from California! Your signed copies are on their way… Second item of business You may have [...]