Iacta alae est (The die is cast) (A poem)

This poem, about Santos Laboy, who was killed in an encounter with Massachusetts State Police in June 2015, was originally written for the Lament for the Dead website. Since the site is no longer online (it was taken down last October), I thought I would repost. Fortunately, it still counts as an epistle. You can read my original post about [...]

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday (a poem)

I have not been in a writing mood these last few days. In fact, I wrote nothing at all on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I wrote about not writing… I didn’t feel like writing yesterday The combination of heat and desperation kept my muse at bay until finally I put the book away and closed [...]

Interstitial poem (a poem)

Slim pickings yesterday. Between the heat and general frustration with the course of the day, I wrote much less than usual… Dramatic license gives me a reason to proceed though I never know what’s coming up next I hate living so deep in the unknown but the mystery does keep things from getting dull No [...]

No fingerprints (a poem)

Written while watching the Season 2 finale of Orange is the New Black… Fingerprints are nowhere to be found can they prove there was even a crime? The scene is vacant no signs of life What were they doing there anyway? How do ghosts get by without being noticed? (I don’t believe all that crap [...]

6/26/2015: Where I’m at

Having almost reached the midpoint of 2015, I thought it was about time for a brief year-in-review post. It has been quite the year so far. I have published two more books (The Imperfect Document and ‘Dear Monday…’), and have another one (Quiet on the Outside Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Quiet on the Inside) almost ready to go. [...]