Before I mail the letter (a poem)

Still plugging away at the editing job, while keeping in mind that I want to get to the post office today before it closes. I check the writing on the envelope with care it’s one of the few things I can still control I want to be sure the message is going to reach you it [...]

The gravity of this moment (a poem)

My only complaint so far about these verbless poems is that they’re too heavy. Fortunately, there are still 27 days left in the month… Expectations awry off-target projectiles Suspension bridges with heavy traffic and incomplete cables The weight The distraction The sense of defeat Documents beneath dust off-color off-spec No labels No lists No artifice [...]

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday (a poem)

I have not been in a writing mood these last few days. In fact, I wrote nothing at all on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I wrote about not writing… I didn’t feel like writing yesterday The combination of heat and desperation kept my muse at bay until finally I put the book away and closed [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #10 (April 10, 2014)

Today's prompt is #50 on LitBridge's Creative Writing Prompts for Poetry: Look at the last 10 poems you have written. Pay attention to the ending lines. Use one of those ending lines to begin a new poem. The poem I started with, written April 2nd: There's no sun when I awake There's no sun when the day is done  [...]