The unexamined life (a poem)

Inspired by a variety of social media posts and memes. Imagine whatever you want the reasons behind what happened will not change themselves to fit your interpretation your wishes or your myth The truth is that you may never know the truth not even when you see it right in front of you Your attempts to [...]

The inescapable self wrought revenge (a poem)

Earlier today, I read an article about what divorced people do with their wedding rings. This isn’t strictly about that, but the poem I wrote after the poem I wrote about that. When I’m on the verge of tears I listen to a song from three years ago You don’t know me now, I know, and [...]

Noise repellent (a poem)

Sometimes, you should let the art speak for itself… Names and images for shock value pointless exercises unworthy of the sound cheap spectacle in the name of outrageousness juvenile dementia underground Textures and angles in fascination’s home molten sound waves from cones and cores Pictures and facsimiles splotchy, with ragged edges association by adjacent placement [...]

Archaeology (a poem)

I had no idea where that first line was going to go when it popped into my head… The lake in the mirror a faraway place dark around the edges quiet, but no balm to the system empty of something vital separate from reality Spaces red spaces blue spaces aground beneath dirt mounds from long [...]

Admonition to my mirror self (A poem)

Back to the epistles, this time in the form of a terzanelle. When you look in the mirror you see only failure and success you see only beauty and horror What about the rest— lessons learned and life lived? You see only failure and success For all the fucks you say you give not much seems [...]

A mid-May morning (a poem)

I had not particularly intended to follow today’s prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, which is to listen to jazz or classical music, make notes of what comes to mind while you listen, then write a poem about something you thought of while listening. As it turned out, I started this poem while [...]

The ongoing back-and-forth of what to do with my life (a poem)

The week of reflection continues… The painting on the wall is unfamiliar I’m told it’s one of mine My memory of creating it doesn’t exist although I recognize the errant brush stroke as something I might do The pen strokes in the book are more familiar I recognize the writing as mine My memory of [...]