On the lack of clean surfaces in any of the workspaces in my apartment (a poem)

Because the mess always reasserts itself eventually… This collage of thoughts, impulses, and indecision renderings on paper, in graphite and ink mountains of clippings in untidy piles My workspace of functional disarray: today a mess tomorrow a mark of genius with a cat asleep in the window (8 May 2016)

Interstitial poem (a poem)

Slim pickings yesterday. Between the heat and general frustration with the course of the day, I wrote much less than usual… Dramatic license gives me a reason to proceed though I never know what’s coming up next I hate living so deep in the unknown but the mystery does keep things from getting dull No [...]

The ongoing back-and-forth of what to do with my life (a poem)

The week of reflection continues… The painting on the wall is unfamiliar I’m told it’s one of mine My memory of creating it doesn’t exist although I recognize the errant brush stroke as something I might do The pen strokes in the book are more familiar I recognize the writing as mine My memory of [...]