The Corners of My Room This is a collage I put together in November 2001 from an album a friend of mine recorded in the early 1990s, then spent years tinkering with. In part, the collage came about because I was one of the folks participating in the tinkering. Details on the SoundCloud page. (1 July 2016)

A partial list of bad things (a poem)

My verbless poem challenge feels extra challenging today, so this one is a list poem. … Air quotes Cigarette smoke The devil below Republican leaders Bottom feeders Walmart greeters Weak links Clogged sinks Dry erase ink Oil spills Fever with chills Unpaid bills Macaroni collage A Monica Geller massage Self-sabotage The dating game Spirals of [...]

On the lack of clean surfaces in any of the workspaces in my apartment (a poem)

Because the mess always reasserts itself eventually… This collage of thoughts, impulses, and indecision renderings on paper, in graphite and ink mountains of clippings in untidy piles My workspace of functional disarray: today a mess tomorrow a mark of genius with a cat asleep in the window (8 May 2016)