National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #16 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 16 poem using the prompt: ‘a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.’ I don’t think my poem ‘defamiliarizes’ anything, but it is a list. A bottle of seasoning I use on everything A bag of brown sugar waiting months for me to take it [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 7

My Seventh poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt from—which involves making four short lists, then connecting items from the first two using information from the last two. The list items I chose were the smooth, black stone (touchstone) a friend of mine gave me, under the coffee table (where I sometimes find my remote [...]

Things that are more efficient than Microsoft Word (a poem)

Calling this a ‘poem’ might be something of a stretch. Either way, feel free to add your own… The Xerox monk The unstoppable march of time The Department of Motor Vehicles The Homeland Security Advisory System Comcast customer service The rhythm method Stop-motion animation Existentialism A diaphragm with a hole in it Long division Dongles [...]

How do we eliminate hate? A partial list

On one of my social media accounts, someone responded to a re-post of my poem "I have questions" by asking, "how do we eliminate hate?" My response: The emotion itself probably cannot be eliminated. Neither can the anger, jealousy, and insecurity that fuel it. After all, we are human, so we feel things. We can, [...]

A partial list of bad things (a poem)

My verbless poem challenge feels extra challenging today, so this one is a list poem. … Air quotes Cigarette smoke The devil below Republican leaders Bottom feeders Walmart greeters Weak links Clogged sinks Dry erase ink Oil spills Fever with chills Unpaid bills Macaroni collage A Monica Geller massage Self-sabotage The dating game Spirals of [...]

Kevin’s Rules of Poetry Reading Etiquette (the concise list version)

The following is based on fifteen months of poetry readings and open mics. I fully intend to post a more rant-y version of this later to reflect a couple of recent experiences; for now, I think this simple list will be appropriate: Kevin’s Rules of Poetry Reading Etiquette for poets, hosts, and audiences Poets Keep [...]

Me, right now

Inspired by Brian Eno’s A Year with Swollen Appendices (with no pretensions of being either as good or as clever)… I am: middle-aged white (Finnish/Irish/other European bits/American) American male heterosexual divorced under-employed introverted often shy creative thoughtful generous selfish uncertain hesitant intuitive stubborn quirky anxious calm always secretly in love with somebody contrary solitary intelligent naïve trusting [...]