Kevin’s Rules of Poetry Reading Etiquette: For Audiences

I go to a lot of poetry readings. I have noticed a lot of things, good and bad, that affect how a given reading will go. On one occasion, where another poet’s lack of consideration effectively ate up a good chunk of what would have been my reading time, I got so frustrated that I made [...]

Kevin’s Rules of Poetry Reading Etiquette (the concise list version)

The following is based on fifteen months of poetry readings and open mics. I fully intend to post a more rant-y version of this later to reflect a couple of recent experiences; for now, I think this simple list will be appropriate: Kevin’s Rules of Poetry Reading Etiquette for poets, hosts, and audiences Poets Keep [...]

Time has rules (A poem)

Ah, the things that movie quotes bring up! This poem starts with a line from Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence… ‘The past…again and again…’ What of it? What does it do but remind me of all the mistakes I’ve made? All the unfulfilled promises now left wanting because I now want what I didn’t [...]

The Adventures of the Contessa and Green Eyed Larry (a poem)

Yesterday’s prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano marked the start of my second time around through the book.  The prompt called for looking up the names of racehorses, then using ten to fifteen of them in a poem that is not about racehorses. (For comparison, last year’s poem written from this prompt can [...]

Yeah, I don’t think that’s right (a poem)

Today’s poem (a terzanelle) comes from a prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano: list rules that people have taught you about poetry, then break four of them. I don’t worry about other people’s rules so much when I write poems. When I have had my poems critiqued, though, a few things have come [...]

You Must Follow the Rules

There are rules.ThereareRULES.Be this.Don't be that.Remember this.Forget that.YOU must compensate.YOU must capitulate.YOU must change the way you are.YOU are accountable.YOU must atone for the wrongs of your kind.YOU must remember that YOU have everything.Everything is stacked in YOUR favor.It is YOUR fault.Stop it. (27 July 2013)