You Must Follow the Rules

There are rules.


Be this.
Don’t be that.

Remember this.
Forget that.

YOU must compensate.

YOU must capitulate.

YOU must change the way you are.

YOU are accountable.

YOU must atone for the wrongs of your kind.

YOU must remember that YOU have everything.
Everything is stacked in YOUR favor.

It is YOUR fault.

Stop it.


(27 July 2013)


3 thoughts on “You Must Follow the Rules

  1. this is very true. there are so many expectations that it’s hard to sort through the ones that really matter sometimes. Great poem are you on Twitter?

    1. @lennbob. I don’t do much on Twitter, though. Mostly I follow a handful of celebrities (e.g., Simon Pegg, Kari Byron, Mindy Kaling, Seth MacFarlane), and answer pop music trivia questions (from @popquizquestion).

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