National Poetry Writing Month, Day #27

Today’s prompt is to write a poem with long lines… My second thoughts first found me a third of the way through the quarter I tried to stop counting the moment I saw what was happening because my problems always multiply from there no matter how I slice it and the loop dances with infinity Once [...]

Election fatigue (A poem)

This one will date quickly—but I want to get it out of my system… It’s only one week into March and I’m already tired of the elections all that yelling and back-and-forth and the size of Drumpf’s erection I’m already tired of this election Let’s just get it over and done Pondering the size of [...]

The long slide from hope to rage (A poem)

This pantoum was inspired by the title of an article appearing in The Guardian: They say it’s a long slide from hope to rage some have been on the slide for a long, long time Some stand at the top, peering nervously over the edge hoping it’s not their turn this time Some have been on [...]

Dispatch from somewhere in the middle of the queue (a poem)

Not much writing yesterday. Fortunately, this last thing I wrote before calling it a night has some redeeming features… Have you been waiting as long as I have? Did you ever think we’d be waiting this long? Did you know it would be this hard to stay strong? With the setbacks and defeats disappointments and [...]

You Must Follow the Rules

There are rules.ThereareRULES.Be this.Don't be that.Remember this.Forget that.YOU must compensate.YOU must capitulate.YOU must change the way you are.YOU are accountable.YOU must atone for the wrongs of your kind.YOU must remember that YOU have everything.Everything is stacked in YOUR favor.It is YOUR fault.Stop it. (27 July 2013) 

50 things I have learned

I started this last month, shortly after my birthday—but then other stuff came up, and it kind of got pushed to the side. But, now it's done! So! Here is… 50 things I have learned Let the dog or cat smell your hand before you try to pet its head. Even the most open-minded person [...]