In the aftermath of the coup (a poem)

This started out as a shadorma, but I couldn’t make it work—dreams are funny that way… You led me through the hollowed-out maze of stairs away from the surveillance cameras outside into safe chambers before the tanks rolled through town I kissed you well before the bomb exploded we hid under the covers “Fuck fuck [...]

Lost with the dream (a poem)

A cross of sorts between last night’s dreams and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… (Note to self: think of better title for this one.) Was it you or Kate Winslet chiding me about being vague? Two LPs and a wedding dress later we were headed home ’35 minutes? You got lucky!’ Now I’m trying to [...]

The long slide from hope to rage (A poem)

This pantoum was inspired by the title of an article appearing in The Guardian: They say it’s a long slide from hope to rage some have been on the slide for a long, long time Some stand at the top, peering nervously over the edge hoping it’s not their turn this time Some have been on [...]

Nocturnal adventures (A poem)

A really weird, disturbing dream last night, resulting in this weird poem. (The title is tentative, until I can think of something better…) You should have never let the sleazy label guy in Of course he was going to walk out with the evidence to satisfy some prior contract— everything but the baggie full of [...]