Nocturnal adventures (A poem)

A really weird, disturbing dream last night, resulting in this weird poem. (The title is tentative, until I can think of something better…)

You should have never let the sleazy label guy in
Of course he was going to walk out with the evidence
to satisfy some prior contract—
everything but the baggie full of teeth and retainers
left in a pocket somewhere

We can’t let the crimes go unanswered
let me at the creep
I’ll find out how he feels about having something that large
shoved down his throat
while the shiv pierces his flesh
shallow, but at an angle

Someone’s got to pay
for the disgusting scene we witnessed—
body parts reassembled, vomit everywhere
Commerce can excuse only so much
blood and guts weren’t part of the deal
He should never have come back to raid the vault

And you’ll keep it quiet and cover my back
for handling what you couldn’t do yourself
The cover-up was going to be bloody
but the law’s got him now—
a warning left behind for the rest of the skeezers

Mick and the lads need never know a thing
the nervous breakdowns can stop at nineteen
Mr. Shades with the shiv under his skin
will get the punishment he deserves
in a dark closet on the continent somewhere

The factory will function as if nothing had happened
fan blades turning, forklifts stacking
the smells of sweat and straining muscles
reaching for the weekend now in sight

I’m going to go home to sleep for a while
the old ladies have put up new curtains
and I hear there’s a casserole in the oven
for work well done and vengeance served

(20 February 2016)

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