ART 53, day 62

This Is Fifty-three, day 62 Up at 3:30 this morning because I had pizza last night—but that’s another story. I am at the computer early because Smashwords notified me that my file required attention… Argh! The old size dilemma. One big problem I have with e-books is that there is not much consistency in the way [...]

Tumbling (a poem)

Inspired by Tumblr feeds. The image repeats up and down the screen a scrolling scene change in the form of repetition for tired eyes to notice A collage of rope and flowers marks burned into parchment flashbacks from the dream rendered in layers impermanence translated as beauty Pools of honey have drowned the bees spiders [...]

If you put the two together (a poem)

Inspired by the hour glass and the dancer, by MiYoung Margolis, both currently hanging at VALA Art Center in Redmond… The tragic figure will elicit sympathy the cancerous knee bent gingerly as she bows in prayer The water will flow around the rocks in its path failing to recognize its own strength (19 August 2016—posted August 20th)

Noise repellent (a poem)

Sometimes, you should let the art speak for itself… Names and images for shock value pointless exercises unworthy of the sound cheap spectacle in the name of outrageousness juvenile dementia underground Textures and angles in fascination’s home molten sound waves from cones and cores Pictures and facsimiles splotchy, with ragged edges association by adjacent placement [...]

Day of the crescent moon (A poem)

Impressions and images from a Sunday afternoon, written quickly… Thumbnail in the sky beginning to melt Wingspans bloodied by evil scarred-over mistakes a long time coming Episodic ambitions carry over but never complete The second half is blanketed by clouds fit within a frame Scratches and scales points of vitae vis Arrangements fall out of [...]

Dream spaces (a poem)

Written while listening to Meditations on the Inescapable Self this morning… The slippery copper plate jerks back and forth in spasms sending objects everywhere as if hovering within a two-inch radius in a stunning display of chaos theory stunted The cement and tile enclosure erupts in watery echoes of indistinct sound and atmosphere slipping through the [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 9: Thinking about what I write versus what you see (a poem)

I don’t like any of the writing prompts I have seen today, so I am going with my first poem of the day, which is a brief contemplation about poetry… Words all just words Words draw images What they look like I don’t always know I know what I see I know what I feel [...]

A place that can’t exist again (a poem)

Inspired in part by a New York Times an NPR story about Chris Stein’s photography… We were never there, were we? Sure, we saw the photos all black-and-white and grainy The sneer on his face the reflections in her shades ripped jeans and back-alley brick walls Spiky hair and leather the wild-eyed stare outside the club you know, [...]