A few minutes from now, you’ll never know we were here (a poem)

Taking photographs and drinking coffee this morning. There’s no film left in the camera the shutter clicks the motor whirs but nothing comes out Condensation forms on the boxes of newly retrieved film packs my fingerprints visible in the damp as I pour another cup A thin sludge of grounds leaves a trail inside the [...]

Lifelong Learning

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have become a lifelong learner. It is often said that learning is a lifelong activity. I think that most of us don’t really look at it that way. We go to school while we grow up, then some of us go to college (then a few [...]

Q&A: Who are your favorite photographers?

More photography stuff. Who are your favorite photographers? Most of my favorite photographers I am familiar with because of their associations with musicians—at least, among the famous photographers… Though the first photo of his I would see appeared on the inner gatefold of Steely Dan’s Greatest Hits LP, I first became aware of Anton Corbijn through [...]

Q&A: What is your history with photography?

More about me and photography. What is your history with photography? Photography is something I was introduced to when I was a kid. It was all around me in one form or another. We had some cheap Kodak Instamatic camera that used 126 film cartridges; that was probably the first camera I ever used. Then [...]