Q&A: What is your history with photography?

More about me and photography. What is your history with photography? Photography is something I was introduced to when I was a kid. It was all around me in one form or another. We had some cheap Kodak Instamatic camera that used 126 film cartridges; that was probably the first camera I ever used. Then [...]

Plundering the Archives #3

Though it sounds like such a terribly self-important thing to say, Meditations on the Inescapable Self is my great lost work. In September 1997, almost as an afterthought, I had scribbled the words 'The inescapable self' on the j-card of a mixtape. The phrase stuck with me; for some reason, I found it incredibly profound. Not that [...]

Plundering the Archives #2

In November 1994, the Tinty Music CD (Weightlessness: Of Contemplation and Distraction) that had been so many months in the making was finally done. The end result wasn't exactly what I had envisioned when I started the project, but it was something that I felt good about putting out into the world. It ended up being [...]