I should also mention…

That I have music and whatnot on bandcamp… By clicking on the ‘Buy Digital Discography’ link on any of my individual album/track pages, you can purchase your own digital copies of my recorded output (well, the stuff that is on bandcamp) for about eleven bucks. And, since it’s bandcamp, you can listen and listen away before [...]

Some pitfalls of the double LP (a poem)

I was listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall while writing a couple of poems… I It’s unclear why they had to say everything backwards Somebody somewhere was eventually going to play the recording in reverse So it was hardly much of a secret II I can never make it all the way through disc 2 it’s [...]

Plundering the Archives #7

This piece was also my contribution to the Mind/Body 3 compilation CD; it appeared on the 'Mind' disc. I wasn't really sure whether or not 'No escape from time' qualified as industrial music (important because the compilation originated with the rec.music.industrial Usenet group), but I submitted it anyway. Or, rather, I submitted this version—the original was [...]

Plundering the Archives #5

This track, 'Refraction grid', is one of my favorite pieces. It has a shimmering, luminous quality that remains constant through the various shifts from light to dark/heavy; it's relatively simple; and it's relatively short. In addition to appearing as part of the Veiled Faces, Moving Shadows cassette, it was the first track on the Unit Circle [...]

Plundering the Archives #3

Though it sounds like such a terribly self-important thing to say, Meditations on the Inescapable Self is my great lost work. In September 1997, almost as an afterthought, I had scribbled the words 'The inescapable self' on the j-card of a mixtape. The phrase stuck with me; for some reason, I found it incredibly profound. Not that [...]

Plundering the Archives #2

In November 1994, the Tinty Music CD (Weightlessness: Of Contemplation and Distraction) that had been so many months in the making was finally done. The end result wasn't exactly what I had envisioned when I started the project, but it was something that I felt good about putting out into the world. It ended up being [...]