The inescapable self wrought revenge (a poem)

Earlier today, I read an article about what divorced people do with their wedding rings. This isn’t strictly about that, but the poem I wrote after the poem I wrote about that. When I’m on the verge of tears I listen to a song from three years ago You don’t know me now, I know, and [...]

State of Mind—December 16, 1992 (A poem)

This morning, I have been listening to a mixtape I made in December of 1992… Early morning, Xmas day Almost-forgotten sounds come from the speaker cones There’s enough there to remember the feeling of that December afternoon the sky grown dark the traffic grown thick that chill in the air but the streets still bare [...]

Plundering the Archives #3

Though it sounds like such a terribly self-important thing to say, Meditations on the Inescapable Self is my great lost work. In September 1997, almost as an afterthought, I had scribbled the words 'The inescapable self' on the j-card of a mixtape. The phrase stuck with me; for some reason, I found it incredibly profound. Not that [...]