On a Saturday morning in 2016 (a poem)

A warm, sunny day in Seattle today. So, naturally (?), I turn to introspection… Driving with the windows down on a warm, sunny morning Laura Nyro’s ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’ coming from the cassette as the tall, tall trees that line the road sway with the gentle breeze I think about driving into town but I [...]

About the unwritten letter (a poem)

I almost didn’t get to writing anything yesterday… No matter how many pages                   how many corrections                   how many erasures                   how many apologies                   how many regrets Over and out 20,000 traps one chance, maybe two in a lifetime— and my scorecard missing… (19 May 2016—posted May 20th)

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #28

Today’s napowrimo.net prompt is to write a poem that tells a story backwards. I did that, sort of—I wrote my poem, then reversed the order of the lines (making a couple of small adjustments in the process)… I can feel the answers to questions I still don’t know… Even though I knew it was wrong for so [...]

State of Mind—December 16, 1992 (A poem)

This morning, I have been listening to a mixtape I made in December of 1992… Early morning, Xmas day Almost-forgotten sounds come from the speaker cones There’s enough there to remember the feeling of that December afternoon the sky grown dark the traffic grown thick that chill in the air but the streets still bare [...]