Easter eggs in autumn (a poem)

Inspired by the Shiina Ringo DVDs 賣笑エクスタシー [Baishou Ecstasy] and Electric Mole. Cat ears Cat’s eyes Which pair shows the truth of the disguise? There’s a girl in kimono playing guitar at the Budokan she might know but don’t expect her to tell… The lock won’t open if you don’t know the code Your chances [...]

Before I mail the letter (a poem)

Still plugging away at the editing job, while keeping in mind that I want to get to the post office today before it closes. I check the writing on the envelope with care it’s one of the few things I can still control I want to be sure the message is going to reach you it [...]

About the unwritten letter (a poem)

I almost didn’t get to writing anything yesterday… No matter how many pages                   how many corrections                   how many erasures                   how many apologies                   how many regrets Over and out 20,000 traps one chance, maybe two in a lifetime— and my scorecard missing… (19 May 2016—posted May 20th)

Spam header poem #1 (a poem)

For the last few years, I have been taking screenshots whenever I get spam with interesting headers. This week, I finally printed all of them out. The following poem is composed entirely of spam headers… Do you want to please Doralyn Sekuiski? Say you’re with me Make her queen of the world We’ll fly you [...]