The truth about sci-fi aliens (A poem)

A pantoum I wrote while watching Farscape and contemplating depictions of alien lifeforms in sci-fi… The alien characters are often the most intriguing but are never all that different from humanity to their basic forms, down to their way of speaking add color, an appendage, and a wide streak of insanity They’re never all that [...]

Spam header poem #1 (a poem)

For the last few years, I have been taking screenshots whenever I get spam with interesting headers. This week, I finally printed all of them out. The following poem is composed entirely of spam headers… Do you want to please Doralyn Sekuiski? Say you’re with me Make her queen of the world We’ll fly you [...]

Big, Beautiful Eyes

She had big, beautiful eyes. Her name was Nikki. I guess you could say she was my first crush. We were both in the third grade at Graham Hill Elementary. She was in the other class, but I would see her in the playground during recess. I’m not sure when I first noticed her, but [...]