National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 1: Blessed is the moiré

It is National Poetry Writing Month again! My Day 1 poem is inspired by the animated video for Sun Ra Arkestra’s ‘Seductive Fantasy’, as directed by the prompt. Here comes the Sunever so out of phase—enough to shuffle the squares off to the sidewhere they can do less damagewhile freak flags festoon the floatsgliding along [...]

Egon Schiele’s Self-Portrait (1911) (a poem)

My warm-up for NaPoWriMo 2021 is this ekphrastic poem based on Egon Schiele’s Self-Portrait (1911). Within the confinesof my outlineI am a contortionist limbs twisted and foldedlike the torsoto which they attach and the eyeswhich have minds of their own or the skinwhich follows contoursbut minds no master and the mouth, agapewhich has not yet [...]

Face 1/Face 2 (a poem)

Inspired by some of the works on display at Gallery Onyx as part of the Onyx Fine Arts Collective’s 13th annual exhibit, Art ’n Soul: A Celebration of Black Joy… They are not faces They are paint on canvas             brushed             dabbed             scraped             splattered             splashed             smoothed             swirled             in [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 24

My day 24 poem for National Poetry Writing Month sort of uses the prompt on—to write an ekphrastic poem about the stuff found in the margins of medieval manuscripts. I made a couple of attempts, but quickly got bored. So, this is what I ended up doing: …and there was much rejoicing I know the [...]

On the other side, past the line (a poem)

Inspired by the background photo I used for the cover of …but for the thoughts running through my mind. It’s not just a photograph it’s a condition I have to decipher the rendition on my screen Does it mean what I think it means? Is there something on the other side? Something past the line? The reflection [...]

Illusional (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph by @helenina on ello. Grains on the paper pixels on the screen silver and grey black to white and everywhere in between to paint those eyes looking out at me everything in just the right place but for that one stray hair on the right side of your face Illusions fixed [...]

On waters travelled within (a poem)

Inspired by the Pussy Riot video ‘Organs’, the Ruby Throat video ‘Barebaiting’, and a photo or two on Tumblr. I don’t know where the blood comes from or how much it takes to fill me up The imprint that would tell me is missing I close my eyes The flowers in her hair that flows around [...]

Easter eggs in autumn (a poem)

Inspired by the Shiina Ringo DVDs 賣笑エクスタシー [Baishou Ecstasy] and Electric Mole. Cat ears Cat’s eyes Which pair shows the truth of the disguise? There’s a girl in kimono playing guitar at the Budokan she might know but don’t expect her to tell… The lock won’t open if you don’t know the code Your chances [...]

Tumbling (a poem)

Inspired by Tumblr feeds. The image repeats up and down the screen a scrolling scene change in the form of repetition for tired eyes to notice A collage of rope and flowers marks burned into parchment flashbacks from the dream rendered in layers impermanence translated as beauty Pools of honey have drowned the bees spiders [...]