On waters travelled within (a poem)

Inspired by the Pussy Riot video ‘Organs’, the Ruby Throat video ‘Barebaiting’, and a photo or two on Tumblr.

I don’t know where the blood comes from
or how much it takes to fill me up
The imprint that would tell me is missing

I close my eyes

The flowers in her hair
that flows around her face
distract me from the fact
that the words of the song are the same
but the title has changed

Thirty-three is the number
below the four roses by the door
I can’t see the colors anymore

The repeating pattern
directs me to the correct address
but I don’t find her there

I’ve no one to lose hope with
only ghosts in the hallway
a picture with no frame
and a blanket to pull over my head
when the darkness comes

Fifty-three is the number
once I’ve done the requisite math
I don’t know the proportion anymore

The water swirls down the drain
in the same direction as before
the certainties end there

(14 December 2016)