National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #3 (pt. 2)

Here I use the prompt: to write ‘something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time.’ The doors close the air in the last car of the train is crushed and compressed The distance to the other side of the moment does not grow shorter But now it’s [...]

Easter eggs in autumn (a poem)

Inspired by the Shiina Ringo DVDs 賣笑エクスタシー [Baishou Ecstasy] and Electric Mole. Cat ears Cat’s eyes Which pair shows the truth of the disguise? There’s a girl in kimono playing guitar at the Budokan she might know but don’t expect her to tell… The lock won’t open if you don’t know the code Your chances [...]

The dream I had last night didn’t find its way into this poem the way I wanted it to (a poem)

I had this dream in mind from last night, but couldn’t find a place for it here… Get there before it’s too late the road is sludge, so it’s a hard, hard slog but each step follows the last step splashing mud everywhere Good thing clean clothes aren’t that important it’s the work, always the [...]

Life as the architect of my own undoing (a poem)

I’m in the middle of an editing job, so I was running short of inspiration today. Here is today’s lone poem to emerge from my pen: Sure I know where I came from but that doesn’t matter much I don’t know where I’m going even though I’m pointed in the direction It’s hard to know [...]

The feeling and what it’s been missing (a poem)

For this month’s writing challenge, I have chosen the rimas dissolutas, a form in which (according to A Poet's Glossary, by Edward Hirsch) ‘each line in an unrhymed stanza rhymes with its corresponding line in a subsequent stanza.’ This, I am finding out, is harder than it sounds… From twenty to twenty-four in the blink of tired eyes [...]

The illusion is always the same (a poem)

Written after encountering yet another selection (‘Forest Park’, ‘Willamette Valley’, and ‘Lake Billy Chinook’) of Travel Oregon commercials on Hulu. Guys, seriously: Don’t make me wait. Don’t make me choose. Just show the damn spot already… One of three always the same choice only in a different order No interest but no real choice always [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #9

Today’s prompt is to write a poem ‘that includes a line that you’re afraid to write…because it expresses something very personal that makes you uncomfortable…’ It’s a little weird to say but I’m afraid to die alone It almost doesn’t matter what’s on the other side Aging is a struggle of its own of deterioration [...]

Passage (A poem)

Another small break from the pantoum, because I just spent some time constructing a couple of new poems from the first lines of some of my previous poems… Within you the hunger had not been seen for some time It’s been a year now There’s an old photo on your wall the frames have no glass [...]