National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 3

The prompt for day 3 is to make a list of 10 words, use the Rhyme Zone website to find two to four rhyming or similar sounding words, and then use the assembled list of words in a poem. I started with virus, muck, vomit, infect, bronzed, conjunction, and a few other words (I didn’t save the list).

In my poem (as such), I give vent to some of my many frustrations over our current situation.
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National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 3

Today’s poem is a variation on the prompt from Instead of a list poem of fake band names, I came up with a list of fake band names (not wanting to take the time to go through social media and find all my old ‘that would be a good name for a band’ posts), then wrote a poem incorporating them.

The list I started with:

The Abandoned Typewriters
Blue Whale Guilt Trip
The Ex-Lepers
The Outpatients
Jasper’s Fine-tooth Comb
Cellular Level
The Expired Tabs
The Public Option
Sandwich Shoppe
Regular Guys
Not So Much
The Embodiment of the American Dream

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National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 3

My third poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt from, which is to write an elegy, with a focus on something unusual about the person or thing being mourned. My poem is addressed to a friend of mine who died about two-and-a-half years ago, and a weekend spent with her and a group of her friends during my first summer vacation (August 1988) after moving to Tokyo. Technically, I wrote this poem on Day 2, but the Day 3 prompt went up at midnight Eastern Time, so I am counting this as my official Day 3 poem… Continue reading