Week 4/Day 4. The Rotten (a poem)

This is my fourth poem of week four of the online retreat. Anymore, the subject believes his own press and assumes his once radical stance justifies the new orthodoxy The rotted past meets the rotting present the rotten join hands and breathe deep Plastic cups litter the grounds a puddle of purple forms beneath the [...]

Week 4/Day 3. Dynasties (a poem)

This is my third poem of week four of the online retreat.  1 Trumpet breasted kings tear flesh Purple mouth beaks taste eye fruit rich dark scarlet. orange coronal. potent. The year, solitary, disconsolate down to the garden well peeling death drips great red burrows 2 A mother kneeling Dark, golden scents open, green grasses [...]

Week 3/Day 4. This wouldn’t be a problem for Doug Forcett (a poem)

This is my fourth poem of week three of the online retreat. I want only to understand Life is filled with trials and tribulations with ups and downs with triumph and tragedy with happiness and heartbreak with good times and bad times Some of them are beyond imagination What is the purpose? Is there an [...]