Week 3/Day 4. This wouldn’t be a problem for Doug Forcett (a poem)

This is my fourth poem of week three of the online retreat.

I want
only to understand

Life is filled
with trials and tribulations
with ups and downs
with triumph and tragedy
with happiness and heartbreak
with good times and bad times

Some of them are beyond imagination

What is the purpose?

Is there an eternal reward or punishment?
If so, how does it not become numbing?

Does consciousness beyond this life change?
Do we come back in different forms?

If we have lived in order to learn something
what happens if we fail the lesson?

What happens if we are sent back to do it over
but do worse the second time?

Why are there so many differences in tradition?
Which tribe has it right?

Why is the matryoshka of existence
beyond our capability to understand?

(22 October 2020)

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