Week 1/Day 3. born of Old Depression, she sleeps (a poem)

This is my third poem of the online retreat.

temporal clarity as a pointed peak
poking around morphine fog

a picture painted in stochasm
a misaligned screen through which ink

no rose
no glass

oceans of atoms
murky heavens in mushroom squelch
neighboring metals rust silently

the amusements of a young girl
fold like irons stashed in a cup of hot coffee
chapters of accidents bobbing on the surface

born of Old Depression, she sleeps

we replay valises tossed down
from red towers
where untitled angels
expect Sheboygan out in the first round

the anxietude of a real god
is the painting on fire in the next room
while poets and their muses
steal away across the watery fields
with their turtle paperweights in tow

the happy touch of the hereafter
is a figment of interpretation

born of Old Depression, she sleeps

(7 October 2020)

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