National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 3

The prompt for day 3 is to make a list of 10 words, use the Rhyme Zone website to find two to four rhyming or similar sounding words, and then use the assembled list of words in a poem. I started with virus, muck, vomit, infect, bronzed, conjunction, and a few other words (I didn’t save the list).

In my poem (as such), I give vent to some of my many frustrations over our current situation.

Welcome to the United States
     What the Fuck’s Going On?
     What Else Can Go Wrong?
     I Can’t Even—How Much Longer?

O! Say can you see?
The land of the free and the home of the virus
where we’re all trapped at home—
some drunk, some wired,
everyone serious as a heart attack
with last year’s new disease?

The dumbstruck dumbfuck lame duck
who’s so far failed to drain the muck
can’t be bothered to give a flying fuck,
so now the truckloads of cash
we’re chucking at the problem
aren’t even worth Schrute Bucks.

The vomitus spewed onto us
from the bottomless incompetence
of the pompous polypus,
the daily ‘briefings’ by the bronze Fonz wannabe,
reveals no trace of reason
among the lesions and secretions
excreting from his nether regions.

It feels like treason season again:
Lord Privy Seal asleep at the catherine wheel
until everything’s off-keel
and no resurrecting Oldsmobile
or Mercury or Pontiac
can hope to save the deal—
now Detroit is dying,
and Flint still doesn’t have clean water.

With no innoculation in the queue,
we are infected by breaking news and misinformation,
conflicted by fabrications,
and plagued by infestation,
jobless inflation,
follies and failings,
and contraptions that just don’t work

We can’t begin to contemplate the ramifications…

Let’s impeach the motherfucker again—
send him back to Conjunction Junction
with his crayons, strap-ons, and evil spawns
to scrap his malfunction
before it causes the complete destruction
of our democratic republic,
before Mother Earth and Father Time
decide they’re inclined to incinerate the whole thing
and start over…

(3 April 2020)



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