The feeling and what it’s been missing (a poem)

For this month’s writing challenge, I have chosen the rimas dissolutas, a form in which (according to A Poet’s Glossary, by Edward Hirsch) ‘each line in an unrhymed stanza rhymes with its corresponding line in a subsequent stanza.’ This, I am finding out, is harder than it sounds…

From twenty to twenty-four
in the blink of tired eyes
The feeling doesn’t change
it just grows older
and wonders what it’s missing

Uncomfortable with more
unprepared for the surprise
the feeling feels it’s strange
to think about growing older
and wondering what it’s missing

But it’s been there before
waiting for Hope to rise
and wander within range
to offer up her shoulder
to offer all that’s been missing

Feeling would accept Hope’s reward
with tears in its eyes
as it tries to rearrange
itself to be bolder
worthy of what it’s been missing

(1 June 2016)