Observation: We’re going to get old (a poem)

Bonus round! This is apparently what happens when I spend the day watching documentaries about well-known figures… You’re going to get old; there’s nothing I can do to save you. Moles and freckles will darken; wrinkles will form and deepen; skin will drop and separate. Your voice will develop scratches like an old, mistreated LP— [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #9

Today’s napowrimo.net prompt is to write a poem ‘that includes a line that you’re afraid to write…because it expresses something very personal that makes you uncomfortable…’ It’s a little weird to say but I’m afraid to die alone It almost doesn’t matter what’s on the other side Aging is a struggle of its own of deterioration [...]

Old photo of the young artist (A poem)

My copy of David Sylvian’s book Hypergraphia arrived in yesterday’s mail… The fold in the paper angles through the photograph neatly obscuring the cigarette in the subject’s hand The tears and textures at the paper’s edges hold stains of red wine and coffee in criss-crossing arcs The portrait of a man in youth now shows the signs [...]