National Poetry Writing Month, Day #9

Today’s prompt is to write a poem ‘that includes a line that you’re afraid to write…because it expresses something very personal that makes you uncomfortable…’

It’s a little weird to say
but I’m afraid to die alone
It almost doesn’t matter what’s on the other side

Aging is a struggle of its own
of deterioration and loss
no matter what’s on the other side

Time was once an afterthought—
some days, it still is
when the boat’s rocking side to side

Now every little thing is a reminder
that something is always changing
and time is no longer on our side

I’ve never been good on my own
and I’m afraid to die alone
with only the doubting voice inside

Every day is a refuge
a dream in a daylit night
a futile hope that the round will be set aside

(9 April 2016)


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