Green Eye (a brief elaboration)

Today’s prompt is to translate a poem. My Day #30 poem can be found here. I wanted to fix it up a bit more, however, as it felt incomplete. So—bonus round!—here is a somewhat more polished version, in which I worry less about preserving the exact meaning of the original. It’s not an out-and-out rewrite (even though I added an extra verse/stanza), so I am choosing to think of it more as a brief elaboration…
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National Poetry Writing Month, Day #30

Today’s prompt is to translate a poem. Seeing as how the closest thing I have to poetry in a foreign language is my small-ish collection of Japanese albums, and I do have experience translating Japanese, I chose as my poem a song by Nav Katze.
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Working on the new book, day 11

I’m up late. By the time I post this, it will be a few minutes past 1:30 in the a.m. At the last minute, I decided to skip the poetry reading I would normally have gone to; instead, I resumed looking at photos— Continue reading

Coffee Stains giveaway: 36 hours (and change) left!

front cover, Coffee Stains

Thirty-six hours and forty-five minutes to go! The entry period for my Goodreads giveaway of Coffee Stains ends Saturday at midnight, Pacific time. I am giving away three copies, each signed, and with its own unique coffee-cup ring. Enter at:

(29 April 2016)

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #29

Today’s prompt is ‘to write a poem based on things you remember.’ Not a particularly unique prompt (particularly the ‘I remember…’ variant), but I gave it a shot:
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Working on the new book, day 10

Despite getting some decent catch-up sleep last night, I did not feel like going through a bunch of photos several times over today, so I opted instead to copy the rest of the poems to the InDesign documents I set up a little while back.

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