Goodreads giveaway of Coffee Stains starts tomorrow!

I will be giving away three signed copies—each with a unique coffee-cup ring on the signature page—of Coffee Stains via Goodreads. The entry period runs from tomorrow, April 8th, through April 30th. (Open to U.S. residents only, unfortunately, because international shipping costs would be outrageous.) For more information, or to enter, go here. (7 April 2016)

Stuff—31 March 2016

With the end of March comes the start of April—and, with the start of April, National Poetry Writing Month, a/k/a NaPoWriMo. Accordingly, this seems as good a time as any for an update… First, of course, I will be participating in NaPoWriMo again this year, my fourth year. Since I have been setting myself monthly [...]