Quiet on the Outside e-book free this weekend

The e-book edition of Quiet on the Outside… was published one year ago today. To mark the occasion, I am making it available for free now through July 5th on Smashwords.

To get your copy, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/555023. When prompted during checkout, enter the coupon code CM59V.

Happy reading!

(2 July 2016)

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #10

Today’s napowrimo.net prompt is to write a ‘book spine’ poem. This involves writing a poem using the titles of books on your bookshelf. My poem neatly divided itself into sections, based on where my books are shelved. Instead of numbering these sections, I have labelled them according to their approximate (relative) compass points. The book titles I used are listed in the tags.
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Book Giveaway Results

Congratulations to the five people selected to receive a free copy of Quiet on the Outside…!

They are (last names omitted to ensure privacy):

Marla from Utah
Melissa from Washington (state)
Gabriela from Illinois
Cynthia from California
Anjielyn from Arizona

I will be mailing out the copies this week.

And thanks to all 410 people who entered the drawing on Goodreads!

(11 August 2015)