Coming soon…

I have just uploaded the files for my latest collection of poetry, Quiet on the Outside Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Quiet on the Inside, for review. That means I should be ready to order proofs in a day or two (after the usual minor revisions).

art42_front-cover copyThis volume is divided into the following sections:

As you might expect, the poems in this section come from personal experience.

Dreams, Fantasies, and Fictions
Things I either dreamed about or made up.

The Solar System Cycle
Not actually about the solar system, but nine acrostic poems based on the names of the planets. To be more specific, I reversed the names of the planets, wrote the poems, then reversed the order of the lines.

A mix of observations about the personal and the social.

More smiles, less navel-gazing.

Short Forms
Poems consisting of no more than six lines each.

I wasn’t expecting to be ready with a new collection quite so soon, but I have been writing so much lately that I have a lot more material to choose from. Even better, I am seeing remarkable improvement in my writing over the last few months. It probably helps that I am more willing to make edits than I used to be, whether it is to change a word or two, rearrange lines, or delete lines and/or stanzas altogether.

As usual, many of the poems originally appeared here on my blog—but a considerable number are previously unpublished in any form.

More to come.

(24 June 2015)