The Lilac Years—new publication date

Since I am still working out a couple of persistent printing problems with the interior, I have pushed back the publication/on-sale date of The Lilac Years to April 16, 2018. This will give me enough time to make any changes necessary to eliminate or work around the problems I have encountered. Continue reading

The Lilac Years—new new cover draft

Here is my latest draft of the front cover for The Lilac Years:


I came up with this about two or three weeks back for another project; since I never submitted that iteration for consideration, I decided to appropriate it for my own nefarious purposes. I still like my ‘old’ design, but the simplicity of this one appeals to me. Plus I think it will stand out more.

Meanwhile, I continue to fine tune here and there. Stay tuned!

(25 January 2018)

The Lilac Years—new cover draft

Here is my latest draft of the cover for The Lilac Years:

I had placeholder text on the back that I needed to replace with something. Rather than add a blurb, preview one of the poems, or keep it all minimalist and get rid of the text altogether, I decided to add the list of words. I figure it gives some idea of what is in the book, piques curiosity (what are ‘wombats’ and ‘Harvey Keitel’ doing in a poetry collection?), and, in calling to mind those children’s books that list their vocabularies, adds an element of whimsy. I will sit with this for a couple of days before deciding whether or not to keep it—I am still waiting to hear about a couple of poems I have submitted to journals anyway.

Stay tuned!

(17 November 2017)

‘Dear Wednesday…’ coming soon

This time I decided not to procrastinate: ‘Dear Wednesday…’, the next volume in the Love Notes to the Days of the Week series, is under way. I have just finished uploading the PDFs to CreateSpace for review.

I sped things up this time by: (a) starting on it now, instead of next February or March; and (b) doing the ol’ copy-and-paste instead of re-typing the entries. The latter step allowed me to catch typos more quickly.

So! I anticipate being able to proof the thing before the weekend is out. Stay tuned…

(4 November 2016)

New book cover art

Here is the cover art for my next collection of poems.
ART45_front-coverThe photo was shot on my phone, and edited (levels, curves, sharpening, crop, RGB-to-CMYK conversion) in Photoshop.

The typeface is Compacta Bold BT. If it looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it figured prominently on album and singles covers by The KLF.

More to come…

(12 August 2015)