The Lilac Years—new publication date

Since I am still working out a couple of persistent printing problems with the interior, I have pushed back the publication/on-sale date of The Lilac Years to April 16, 2018. This will give me enough time to make any changes necessary to eliminate or work around the problems I have encountered. In the meantime, here again is [...]

The Lilac Years—March 16th!

Moments ago, I uploaded the cover and interior PDFs of The Lilac Years for review. Scheduled release date: March 16, 2018. Here is a look at the cover—front, back, and spine:     Including front and back matter, it comes to a total of 214 pages. Retail price will be $20. As shown on the back cover, [...]

The Lilac Years—new new cover draft

Here is my latest draft of the front cover for The Lilac Years:   I came up with this about two or three weeks back for another project; since I never submitted that iteration for consideration, I decided to appropriate it for my own nefarious purposes. I still like my ‘old’ design, but the simplicity of this [...]

The Lilac Years: the struggle continues…

I have continued to take it slow with The Lilac Years. Time for an update… I have made numerous small edits over the last few weeks, but today I did something unusual (for me): I cut an entire section. Normally, I will have one section devoted to poems that address topical subjects. The Lilac Years was to [...]

Three down, four to go

Today marks the end of the third year of my ‘love notes’ to the days of the week. Yes—what started as an expression of frustration on a Monday became a project that is still going strong. I published the first 365 entries as ‘Dear Monday…’; the second year’s entries became ‘Dear Tuesday…’. Naturally, the next volume will be ‘Dear [...]