Three down, four to go

Today marks the end of the third year of my ‘love notes’ to the days of the week. Yes—what started as an expression of frustration on a Monday became a project that is still going strong.

I published the first 365 entries as ‘Dear Monday…’; the second year’s entries became ‘Dear Tuesday…’. Naturally, the next volume will be ‘Dear Wednesday…’.

The way the calendar works, ‘Dear Tuesday…’ started on a Tuesday, and ‘Dear Wednesday…’ will start on a Wednesday.

This year being a leap year throws things off a bit, however. The extra day means that the last entry in this year is on a Thursday. So, if I want to maintain the continuity of the series, Year 4 will have to start on a Thursday, so that the inevitable ‘Dear Thursday…’ volume won’t start on a Friday.

That means I have to decide what to do with today’s entry. My first impulse would be to omit it from the ‘Dear Wednesday…’ volume—but that would make it incomplete. Similarly, adding it to the ‘Dear Thursday…’ volume a year from now.

Compromise time! It’s going to count twice, as far as the published volumes are concerned—I have already added the appropriate tag to the entry. That way, it will properly end Year 3, but maintain the ‘titular integrity’—putting that in quotes, because I can’t even write it with a straight face—of the series.

What will the middle year of the series bring? Stay tuned.

(20 October 2016)