The Lilac Years—new publication date

Since I am still working out a couple of persistent printing problems with the interior, I have pushed back the publication/on-sale date of The Lilac Years to April 16, 2018. This will give me enough time to make any changes necessary to eliminate or work around the problems I have encountered.

In the meantime, here again is that summary of what to expect:

Including front and back matter, it comes to a total of 214 pages. Retail price will be $20.

As shown on the back cover, the book is divided into five sections:

  • The Lilac Years
  • I Don’t Need Video of the Grand Canyon to Have an Existential Crisis
  • The Little Moments
  • Ekphrasis à GoGo Part Deux
  • Ars Poetica and Other Tales

As usual, many of the poems originally appeared (in their original forms) on this blog, with other poems appearing for the first time.

Here is the current description/blurb:

Almost two years in the making, The Lilac Years is Kevin J. O’Conner’s eleventh collection of poems. The book’s five sections explore the venerable themes of love and loss, the difficulties of living with isolation and depression, the little moments of life, the images and thoughts that art brings to the surface, and musings about poetry itself. The Lilac Years is a world of (among other things) trains, music, shadows, silence, memory, weather, trees, crows (dead and alive), ghosts, penguins at the Ueno Park Zoo, neon-marker hallucinations, Vasilina Orlova, Jean Cocteau, and Harvey Keitel.

More to come…

(28 February 2018)