The Lilac Years—new publication date

Since I am still working out a couple of persistent printing problems with the interior, I have pushed back the publication/on-sale date of The Lilac Years to April 16, 2018. This will give me enough time to make any changes necessary to eliminate or work around the problems I have encountered. In the meantime, here again is [...]

Thought experiments and uncertain futures are not a good mix (a poem)

I learned recently about Jim Simmerman’s 20 Little Poetry Projects. I thought I would give it a shot, since I haven’t felt very motivated today…  The future is Schrödinger’s cat— the world’s fastest existential uncertainty, an invisible silent movie. The scene burns in the back of my throat, a wretched feeling just like the one [...]

Recent reading

Between bouts of worrying about everything going to shit, I have managed to do some reading. Books I have finished (yay!) M Train—Patti Smith sublime subliminal liminal—Rena Priest view with a grain of sand: selected poems—Wisław Szymborska Sobbing Superpower: Selected Poems of Tadeus Różewicz—Tadeus Różewicz Two-Minute Mysteries Collection—Donald J. Sobol Books in progress The Book of [...]