Bookstore Poem #155. Today

Well, today until around 4:30. Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park.

I slept
I awoke
I turned on the TV
I went into the kitchen
I gave the cat some food
I made coffee
I poured a cup of coffee
I drank the cup of coffee
I checked e-mail
I posted to my blog
I put laundry in the washer
I ate some saltines
I soaked my foot
I watched ER
I took the laundry out of the washer
I put the laundry into the drier
I went to the bathroom
I took a shower
I got dressed
I put my journal in a bag
I left the apartment
I got in the car
I drove my car to the grocery store
I bought seltzer and coffee
I drove to the book store
I sat in a chair across from the Science section
I took out my journal and a pen
I wrote a couple of poems
I wrote this poem (?)
Now I will go back home

(25 February 2018)