Recent reading

Between bouts of worrying about everything going to shit, I have managed to do some reading.

Books I have finished (yay!)
M Train—Patti Smith
sublime subliminal liminal—Rena Priest
view with a grain of sand: selected poems—Wisław Szymborska
Sobbing Superpower: Selected Poems of Tadeus Różewicz—Tadeus Różewicz
Two-Minute Mysteries Collection—Donald J. Sobol

Books in progress
The Book of Disquiet: Complete Edition—Fernando Pessoa
Jean Cocteau—Claude Arnaud
Coördinates of Yes—Janée J. Baugher
Map: Collected and Last Poems—Wisław Szymborska

I did finally get rid of a good portion of my previously unread books, along with a bunch of videos and some CDs. Sometimes it’s good to admit that there are simply some books I will never get around to reading, despite my intentions.

(25 February 2018)