The color of the sky over the interstate (a poem)

I’m not sure I’m getting the hang of this yet, but I do like trying these different things… 

I am the ‘kid’ in the TV commercial
ransacking the shelves
of the grocery store of life
as the shopping cart rolls
up and down the aisles

Well, I would be
if the lowest shelves weren’t as high up
as the ceiling of the warehouse
where bad breaks are stored
for future distribution
to my address

The labels are puce—
judging by its appearance
a color aptly named

I can almost hear the screams
of the molecules that comprise its hue

They’re smooth to the touch
but probably taste the way they look

Somebody smells blood
I see nothing but the boom!
off somewhere in the distance
screaming red, orange, yellow, green
and yes, even the dreaded puce
in the interstices

(Did he just say ‘interstices’?
Yes, I did. Sorry. Shall we continue?)

I once saw Duff from Guns N’ Roses
in the next line at Dick’s Drive-in
in Wallingford
he looked pale, pasty
and generally unhealthy (it was 1993)—
but he’s all right now

Actually, considering where he is now
ransacking the grocery shelves of life
may not be such a bad idea now and then

Why are grocery-store shelves so tall?
Anymore it takes walking halfway across the store
from aisle to aisle
to find whatever you’re looking for

If you could see the signs over the shelves
there wouldn’t be so much walking involved
to get from coffee to creamer

Couldn’t they hire a consultant
to ‘ideate’ a solution to this mess?

The dregs of accessibility
aren’t exactly the best approach to take
except when it comes to frozen foods
where the packaging practically sparkles
under the fluorescents

Of course, I control all light in the known universe
which is why we all recognize colors as colors
(except for the color-blind, but biology is beyond my scope)
so when you see red I see red (because it’s red)

They don’t call him Mr. Fahrenheit for nothing, you know
It’s actually got something to do with his temper
otherwise, he’d prefer to go by Kelvin

Someday he’ll cool off
and all those reds will shift
to calming blues and verdant greens
blunting the spiky residue
that covers so much of his world

On the other hand
nothing will convince him that
he’d be able to get to work earlier
if people would stop having so many damn kids

Ah, mi pobrecita, you need to have patience
your car is just happy to be on the road
with the crisp morning air and the sun in the sky
surrounded by a calming blue

(27 February 2018)