The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology now available

The folks who put together the annual Poetry Marathon have just published an anthology of poems from this year’s marathon, The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology. My poem ‘The doors on the right will open’, is among those included in the Half-Marathon section. The book is available now from CreateSpace; it will be available from Amazon within the [...]

My books and where to buy them

For your consideration as we enter this holiday season (and beyond): Here is the updated list of my books and purchase links. The Amazon listings usually have a decent preview of the print editions. Check them out, yo. Additionally, because the full-color edition of This Is Fifty-three and Coffee Stains are available through IngramSpark, you should be [...]

An autumn afternoon in Seattle (a poem)

Spacing out at the library after working on a copy-editing job… According to my computer screen I have Very Finnish Problems or maybe it’s just SAD (not sure if it’s the disorder or the campaign-tweet interjection) If the former is true I have 25% Finnish problems the rest is that part of the year where [...]

Alphabet Poem #26

The Z poem. Another tricky one, until I remembered a German phrase I happened upon years ago… Zeit ist kostbar 1 One thousand times sixty times sixty times twenty-four times three hundred sixty-five times… That is the question, isn’t it? 2 I remember an afternoon in Tucson store shelves and a Tonka truck a memory clouded over [...]