‘The Third Symphony’ to appear in this year’s edition of Spindrift

That’s basically the news. I was notified this afternoon. Spindrift is the art and literary journal of Shoreline Community College, where I studied graphic design a little over ten years ago. (I also worked on the 2008 issue.) A new issue is published annually, usually around late May or early June. You can read the [...]

Still waiting—meanwhile…

I am still waiting with bated breath (O! the anticipation!) for the poem I submitted to the CDC Poetry Project to be posted. In the meantime, The Seattle Star has published my Jean Cocteau poem: http://www.seattlestar.net/2018/01/the-poems-of-jean-cocteau-will-keep-you-awake-at-night/… (3 January 2018)

Catching up with e-books

I have been busy today, creating and uploading e-book versions of both ‘Dear Tuesday…’ and ‘Dear Wednesday…’ to Smashwords and Amazon. The Amazon Kindle listings are pending (plus I have to re-upload a file in order to fix one typo in ‘Dear Tuesday…’); both will be enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook program, meaning the e-book versions will be free [...]

New book available now

My new collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, is now available. I haven’t yet created a page for it on my website (that is on my to-do list for this week), but it can be purchased from CreateSpace and Amazon. Here is a peek at the front cover: Happy New Year! (2 January [...]

ART 58 proof ordered

(UPDATE: Not quite four and a half hours later, CreateSpace notifies me that my order has already shipped…) I had to make a couple of minor adjustments first, and wait for the files to go through the review process again, but I have finally ordered proof copies of the next book. Stay tuned… (11 December [...]

New book coming in January

I have just uploaded the files for my next collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, to CreateSpace for review and proofing. As I did with Coffee Stains, I am looking to make it available as of January 1st. Here is a peek at the front cover: Stay tuned… (8 December 2016)