New book available now

My new collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, is now available. I haven’t yet created a page for it on my website (that is on my to-do list for this week), but it can be purchased from CreateSpace and Amazon.

Here is a peek at the front cover:


Happy New Year!

(2 January 2017)

ART 53 redux #10

This Is Fifty-three redux #10

My updated proof from IngramSpark arrived today. My adjustments were largely successful; the reds could be a little bit darker, but that would involve additional expense—and, really, I am just happy that they don’t look orange anymore.

Accordingly, I have enabled the IngramSpark version for distribution. Now I wait for my updated CreateSpace proof…

(1 November 2016)

ART 53 redux #7

This Is Fifty-three redux #7

My printed proof from IngramSpark arrived today, so I can now compare with the CreateSpace-printed copies I already have.

Now, I’m too tired to take photos right now (insomnia), so I will either add later, or post separately. In the meantime, here is what I am noticing: Continue reading

This Is Fifty-three: Just the Words, Man—Published!

The Just the Words, Man edition of This Is Fifty-three is now available!

For now, you can find it at CreateSpace; it should be listed on Amazon within the next few days.

I have also made a proper page for both editions of the book on my website:

The full-color edition is still in the proofing process; I am expecting the printed proof tomorrow, and hope to have everything wrapped up this week. More news when it becomes available. Stay tuned!

(21 August 2016)