New book available now

My new collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, is now available. I haven’t yet created a page for it on my website (that is on my to-do list for this week), but it can be purchased from CreateSpace and Amazon. Here is a peek at the front cover: Happy New Year! (2 January [...]

ART 53 redux #10

This Is Fifty-three redux #10 My updated proof from IngramSpark arrived today. My adjustments were largely successful; the reds could be a little bit darker, but that would involve additional expense—and, really, I am just happy that they don’t look orange anymore. Accordingly, I have enabled the IngramSpark version for distribution. Now I wait for [...]

ART 53 redux #9

This Is Fifty-three redux #9 In the words of Charlie Brown, AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! In the words of Snakeman Show, ‘here we go again…’ E-mail from CreateSpace this morning: The old ‘illegible text’ trick. Well, fuck that noise. Here is the page they are referring to, in the context of the full spread: My response, sent a few minutes [...]

ART 53 redux #8

This Is Fifty-three redux #8 As I wait for my new IngramSpark proof, I have set about making further adjustments to the CreateSpace files. You may recall that, despite the proof looking good, all subsequent copies from CreateSpace have revealed the interior images and graphics to be a bit dark. So, now that I have [...]

ART 53 redux #7

This Is Fifty-three redux #7 My printed proof from IngramSpark arrived today, so I can now compare with the CreateSpace-printed copies I already have. Now, I’m too tired to take photos right now (insomnia), so I will either add later, or post separately. In the meantime, here is what I am noticing:• No significant difference [...]

ART 53 redux

This Is Fifty-three redux Taking a break in the action (I am between passes on a copy-editing job at the moment) to do a couple of things with the color edition…   Having determined that the darker colors, with occasional legibility problems on one of the pages, are the CreateSpace norm for this particular book, [...]

ART 53, grrr…

This Is Fifty-three, grrr… WELL. Once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the erstwhile ‘lost in transit’ replacement shipment was delivered today… My first sign of trouble was the sticker affixed to the box: 9/20 Return Label Issue. I wasn’t sure what this meant until later (I’ll get to that later). When I opened the box, [...]

This Is Fifty-three: Just the Words, Man—Published!

The Just the Words, Man edition of This Is Fifty-three is now available! For now, you can find it at CreateSpace; it should be listed on Amazon within the next few days. I have also made a proper page for both editions of the book on my website: The full-color edition is still in the proofing [...]

There may be hope after all…

Having started to worry about whether my extensive use of color visuals in the book I am currently working on would work well with CreateSpace, I was happy to find this video on YouTube today: From what I can tell, the reproduction looks pretty good. So, for now, I shall forge ahead… (27 May [...]