ART 58 update update

The IngramSpark PDF proof for …but for the thoughts running through my mind was ready for review much sooner than expected. I have approved it, which means it should be showing up in a few extra places online (Barnes & Noble comes to mind), and, as I mentioned earlier, it should also soon be available to order [...]

ART 58 update

A brief update on …but for the thoughts running through my mind. Now that I have a fresh batch of ISBNs, I am taking advantage of IngramSpark’s Indie Fringe promotion to properly set up the book with them under my own ISBN (978-0-9988781-0-2). I anticipate being able to approve the PDF proof by tomorrow, which means [...]

ART 53 redux #10

This Is Fifty-three redux #10 My updated proof from IngramSpark arrived today. My adjustments were largely successful; the reds could be a little bit darker, but that would involve additional expense—and, really, I am just happy that they don’t look orange anymore. Accordingly, I have enabled the IngramSpark version for distribution. Now I wait for [...]

ART 53 redux #8

This Is Fifty-three redux #8 As I wait for my new IngramSpark proof, I have set about making further adjustments to the CreateSpace files. You may recall that, despite the proof looking good, all subsequent copies from CreateSpace have revealed the interior images and graphics to be a bit dark. So, now that I have [...]

ART 53 redux #7

This Is Fifty-three redux #7 My printed proof from IngramSpark arrived today, so I can now compare with the CreateSpace-printed copies I already have. Now, I’m too tired to take photos right now (insomnia), so I will either add later, or post separately. In the meantime, here is what I am noticing:• No significant difference [...]

ART 53 redux #5

This Is Fifty-three redux #5 Argh! The electronic proof generated from my corrected file was ready this morning—and it was exactly the same as the file it was supposed to replace. That is, the Secrets and Delicates sections are still reversed. Here is a sample page: Clearly, that is not page 288. Here is what page 288 should be: [...]

ART 53 redux #4

This Is Fifty-three redux #4 Ack! I must remember to avoid looking at electronic proofs when I am tired. I belatedly noticed that I had inadvertently reversed the order of two of the sections (NOT the first time I have done this—one slight disadvantage to using a stylus instead of a mouse), so I had [...]

ART 53 redux #3

This Is Fifty-three redux #3 Approved the electronic proof from IngramSpark, and ordered a printed proof. Unless I encounter any problems, the IngramSpark/Lightning Source-printed color edition will be available for ordering October 31st. Of course, the benefit of going through IngramSpark is that they are part of Ingram, the huge book distributor—which means that (a) [...]