ART 65 #5: It’s time

It’s time—I will be taking down the draft I posted the link for later today. If you downloaded a copy and have any feedback, please e-mail me. Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear in the acknowledgments.


(1 April 2017)

ART 58 update update

The IngramSpark PDF proof for …but for the thoughts running through my mind was ready for review much sooner than expected. I have approved it, which means it should be showing up in a few extra places online (Barnes & Noble comes to mind), and, as I mentioned earlier, it should also soon be available to order through your favorite local book store, should you be so inclined. (That ISBN, again, is 978-0-9988781-0-2.)

Note: The book may disappear from Amazon for a bit, but should be back once the listing for the Ingram-distributed version kicks in.

(29 March 2017)

ART 58 update

A brief update on …but for the thoughts running through my mind. Now that I have a fresh batch of ISBNs, I am taking advantage of IngramSpark’s Indie Fringe promotion to properly set up the book with them under my own ISBN (978-0-9988781-0-2). I anticipate being able to approve the PDF proof by tomorrow, which means that you will soon have the option to order the book through your favorite local book store…

(29 March 2017)

ART 65 #3

I have now lost count of my drafts of This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life.

I am leaving up the draft I posted the link to a couple of days ago, but I have already made a couple of changes—replaced one or two poems, added another one, fixed a typo.

In the meantime, I am waiting to see if Bowker runs another special on ISBN bundles. I wanted to take advantage of their last one (on the 100 ISBN bundle), but then there was that whole gotta pay the rent sort of thing. So here’s hoping for one of their discounts on the bundle of 10 ISBNs…

(27 March 2017)