ART 58 update update

The IngramSpark PDF proof for …but for the thoughts running through my mind was ready for review much sooner than expected. I have approved it, which means it should be showing up in a few extra places online (Barnes & Noble comes to mind), and, as I mentioned earlier, it should also soon be available to order [...]

ART 58 update

A brief update on …but for the thoughts running through my mind. Now that I have a fresh batch of ISBNs, I am taking advantage of IngramSpark’s Indie Fringe promotion to properly set up the book with them under my own ISBN (978-0-9988781-0-2). I anticipate being able to approve the PDF proof by tomorrow, which means [...]

ART 58 proofs

The proofs for my forthcoming book arrived yesterday… Everything being much simpler this time around, I have so far found only one adjustment to make—i.e., the cover. I have edited the background image to make it a bit lighter overall, and to increase the contrast between sections of the image (the part left of the [...]