Here we go again…

I have started work on my next collection of poems, This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon (and a little bit of the evening) copying and pasting from Word into InDesign. (InDesign is still misbehaving from time to time under MacOS Sierra, but I can still get stuff done, so I will leave it be for now.)

Once that was done, I changed the paragraph style for chapter headings and poem titles to the typeface Dagny OT Thin, as that is the typeface I chose for the minimalist cover I am presently favoring. Then I saved the entire draft as a single PDF for my initial pass through the book to check for obvious typos and whatnot. I discovered a couple of typos, one duplication, and a few edits I wanted to make.

Here are some screenshots:

This first one is the very first page—as usual, a reiteration of the front cover, but in black-and-white.


The examples above show where I highlighted changes to make—deletions, deletions, and formatting, respectively.

This last screenshot (below) is from the table of contents:

My next step will be to consider the order in which the poems appear, as well as those that I might want to delete or replace.

My page count as of this first draft is 208. That’s longer than my other books (This Is Fifty-three notwithstanding), but one section is devoted to blitz poems, each of which requires two pages. Regardless, that will probably change as I remove poems I have changed my mind about, and add new ones that I want to include.

I am currently aiming for publication in April, as IngramSpark is waiving their usual setup fees through April 30th—plus I still need to procure a new batch of ISBNs.

Anyway, the process has begun. Stay tuned!

(14 March 2017)