‘Dear Tuesday…’ available now!

  ‘Dear Tuesday…’, the second collection of my ongoing series of love notes to the days of the week, is now available in paperback. The book should appear on Amazon within a few days; in the meantime, it can be purchased via CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/6044780 (6 March 2016)

Coffee Stains update: Now available from CreateSpace

Coffee Stains is now available in paperback!   The Square Market link I included in a previous update (https://squareup.com/market/alarmcatdesign/coffee-stains) is still for advance orders, since I am not expecting my copies of the book until January 21st; and it will take a few days for the book to show up on Amazon. E-book editions should be [...]

Refusal to Remain Invisible: Available now!

Refusal to Remain Invisible is now available on Smashwords (ePub and Kindle formats) , iTunes (ePub), Barnes & Noble (ePub), and Amazon’s Kindle store (Kindle). The paperback hasn’t yet hit Amazon, but it is available from CreateSpace. For details and purchase links, go here: http://www.kevinjoconner.com/refusal-to-remain-invisible/. (26 September 2015)

Refusal to Remain Invisible: Almost here!

The e-book editions of Refusal to Remain Invisible (available now for pre-order) go on sale this Saturday, September 26th, on Smashwords (ePub and Kindle formats) , iTunes (ePub), Barnes & Noble (ePub), and Amazon (Kindle). The print edition should be available from Amazon at about the same time (give or take a day), though it is [...]

New! Lower book prices

Inspired by Ksenia Anske’s example, I have lowered the prices of my print books on Amazon… As of today on CreateSpace (it will take Amazon proper a couple of days to catch up), Separation Anxiety, Journalism, The Imperfect Document, and Quiet on the Outside… are now priced at $10, instead of $15. (The price of the Espresso Book Machine edition [...]